What is Micro-suction?

Miro-suction has been proven to be the 'Gold standard' of the removal of wax. We use a Micro-suction procedure. This is a painless technique which involves a low pressure suction probe being inserted into the ear to remove any troublesome ear wax or debris. The microscope used if fundamental to the procedure giving the clinical specialist the full view inside the ear, enabling pinpoint accuracy. This method does not involve any water and this latest technology means your wax removal will be quick, comfortable and effective. 


What are the Symptoms of Wax Build up?

Symptoms include;

  • Ear ache
  • Dizziness
  • Itchiness
  • Hearing Difficulties 
  • Tinnitus (Ringing noises in the ear)
  • Ear infections

Suffering from any of these symptoms, contact to book in.


Do I need to do anything prior to my treatment?

We highly recommend using olive oil drops twice a day for a couple of days to ensure that the wax is soft enough to be removed safely. However, if you suffer from a perforated ear drum or a mastoid cavity please seek medical advise prior to drop treatments. 


Who will perform the wax removal?

A specialist Audiologist who has a degree in Audiology (BSc) from the University Of Manchester. He is a qualified audiologist providing both NHS and private services. He has certified in wax removal using both Loupes (Microscopes) and video endoscopic techniques. Registered with HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council), BSHAA (British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) ensures professional high standards. Insured to protect all clients throughout the whole procedure. 

Where will the procedure be performed?

We offer a mobile service which means we will perform this procedure in the comfort of your home or your ideal location. We cover Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. We offer appointments 7 days a week and if a same day appointment is required don't hesitate to contact. Group booking are also available at discounted rates ideal for families, friends or work places. 

What will happen at my appointment? 

The specialist Audiologist will introduce himself and provide an introduction. All steps of the appointment will be explained throughly answering any questions you may have. Full consultation and assessment of the ear is then taken place which includes a medical history. A consent form is then provided to be signed by the patient. Images of the ear are then taken before and after the procedure. The full appointment can range from 30 minutes to an hour.  

What are the prices for Micro-suction?

One ear Micro-suction- £50 

Both ears Micro-suction/ foreign body removal - £70 

Hearing consultation/ Ear health check up - £25

Consultation FREE with wax removal

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